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  • Jack Turner, MBA

    Jack Turner, MBA

    Career management writer; exploring how people develop satisfying and meaningful careers, and how the future of work will impact our lives.

  • Amanda Foley

    Amanda Foley

    Standup comic, writer, feminist, queer, nomadic canadian, coffee snob. I ❤️ glitter & politics. Profesh alter ego: @_AmandaFoley.

  • Cyrille Simard

    Cyrille Simard

    Papa de 6, Maire d'Edmundston au NB / Father of 6, Mayor of Edmundston, NB

  • Kritika singh

    Kritika singh

    One word I live for- Humanity, Motivating self, Exploring myself a litter better every day.

  • Joe Barca

    Joe Barca

    Poet. Author of Unraveling Sunlight. Fast talker and slow runner. Husband. Father. Owner of a Wheaten Terrier. From New England. On Twitter @shepherdmoon53.

  • Robert Karbaum

    Robert Karbaum

    The name says it all.

  • Jim Cyr

    Jim Cyr

    Exploring Nova Scotia with a constellation of satellites to guide me along the way...hiking, outdoors, local drink & food videos. Check 'em out!

  • editaudio


    Podcast Production House. Women, nb, and trans owned and operated. Passionate about getting marginalized voices heard. hello@editaud.io

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